Plug in electric vehicles

In 2015 Tesla sold 25 202 Model S in the USA and an additional 25 164 in the rest of the world.  It made  Model S the bestselling electric car worldwide and  also the number one luxury car in the US. Elon Musk and Tesla have not only put electric cars on the map. They have made it a superior driving experience and a statement for customers to make. Very impressive accomplishments!

Nevertheless, as Sonny Wu, a venture capitalist, says: “The guy who’s  making the $100 000 (electric) car is not changing the world. The guy who is making the $10 000 electric vehicle is changing the world.” So, is the world changing?


Coming down the cost curve of lithium ion batteries.

It is difficult to imagine if and how our mobile devices would have looked and worked without lithium ion batteries. Just think of, give and take, the four times heavier and four times bigger lead acid batteries, with longer charging times and shorter life!

Looking ahead for large scale use of lithium batteries for vehicular and stationary applications, it is good to know that lithium batteries for the consumer electronics mass markets did not happen over-night.


Plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) may not come fast enough to reach President’s Obama’s vision of One Million PEVs in the US by 2015, but they are coming. As of November 30 2013 accumulated since 2010 158 600 PEVs have been sold.  It is an impressive number but still just a fraction of the over 250 million registered passenger cars in the US.